Tuesday, 17 December 2013

BEYONCE Running Commentary


Is this track broken? I knew it I knew it…damn Torrentz…..oh ok…it’s keche….cool…hmm, yeah… Pretty hurts and Perfection is a disease mayne.
Is this her plastic surgery confessional? I see…

Short of the irony of Beyonce of all people singing about the pain of aspiring to perfection, this song is catchy and uplifting-ish. This is no “Unpretty” but I’ll give her kudos for the socio cultural significance. I also can’t stand the constant harping on beauty-inner beauty-real beauty etc. Can we all just agree and call it what it is? Beauty is beauty, Intelligence is intelligence, Compassion is compassion, we really need to stop trying to make ‘beauty’ a synonym for ‘good’


Aww cute, she said Beyons. ..spooky intro…hmm…did she just say Salamanca?                 #BreakingBad…no…Solomon? …I’m not going to ragenius for this…Beat drops…not          bad…don’t particularly get why it’s called haunted though…beat switches again?      Hmm…and again? Who produced this? Drake?... Drakes Producer?...Ah is this song              still playing…mmm…like some spirit that can’t pass on…I think I get it…


                Mmm you’ve been drinking eh? Woke up in the kitchen? Ei beyonchi…really tho? After singing love in this club with ursher…we get another ref…this southern twang is too much for me mehn…surf board?...wow…B on that slizzerd now? I                              see…Impressive…Yay…daddy Jay…these days u dey repeat tins oh…smh…middle age             is catching up with you ehn…it’s cool…up all night like till 11pm eh? Oh Chale


                Whoa…a new song has started already? Hollup…I love your face…you love the taste…title? Blow?! Eieieie Beyonce…of late you come understand entendres oh!    Hey! Moaning now…guess I know why it’s age restricted. Skittles tho? Mmm Grown             women on the floor! Ouch…that sounds hella painful yo..tear it out?..no TURN it          out..ok… I can get with that… Daddy long stroke ay? Chale Chale…and ofcourse…Le      Francais.


                Trying not to make a Mandela Funeral ASL joke… right…so…moving on. I’m breathing heavy…and you’re no angel…I’m no angel…but you’re my angel? I’m sorry but all I see is the cheesy video. She’s riding the beat though. Rapping again I see…


                 Who is Ms. Carter? Seriously? Blue Ivy? Better be Blue Ivy. So we’re on the hip hop hump I see…Yonce all on his mouth like liquor…Channeling Missy Elliot now I      see…the year she comes out of ‘retirement’…I’m just  a little confused…isn’t Beyonce a French derived name? oh…so is that how it’s supposed to be pronounced? WHOAAAAAA HE MONCA LEWINSKY-ED all over my gown? Oh no she                 didn’t….no.she. did. Not! Channeling old DC I see. Getting it in in the limo…basically.       Hard. Cute…Cos no matter how lewd and raunchy a statement is, It’s                              automatically more acceptable once said in Le Francais.

                                                Is this Run the World again? No…who cooks naked B? I know it gets hot but… anyway…So essentially, your man is straying so you’re also out there wilding…we’re  grateful you still have friends to randomly chill in the clubs with…you know those          unwed unencumbered friends *cough* Kelly *cough* Michelle  uhem… oh over so          soon…Ok not bad…goes easy on the ears


                There nor, “let me sit this ass on you”…wow…Cater2U pt 2….oh nice…this is that grown and sexy RnB…impressive, reminds me of D’Angelo. Obviously about what it’s about, but not so overt that it’s tasteless. 5 stars.  Daddy…daddy…been a bad girl…punish me?…so much has been written about how wrong calling your                            significant other Daddy is…but oh well…

                This is such a Drake song! Melancholy intro, Random rap, Balladeering…ah isn’t this just a different way of saying I’ll take care of You? And drake will not be undone on his own track! Sang it Boo! Overall nice jam, easy on the ears…

10. XO
                Any reason “XO” is immediately after Drake’s joint? No? ok…
                This song ended before I realised It was playing…guess that’s the filler track then…


                Chi chi doing big tings neh! Eh eh! Rick Ross is shook right now! He’s wondering if he       qualifies to bow down even…oh man! Straight up Riri warning…this is the vid with in the denim thong right? Wow…

                First of all, let me give it B, this song is catchy as hell! “I woke up like this!” and no             matter how wrong…I’m going to be chanting this, along with “Big pimpin’”, “Larry Hoover”            and “drop it like it’s hot” Perhaps we give B too much credit…She represents women/   black women just as much as any other artist, not more. Does she profess to be a role        model? I’m not sure? Maybe. But you know who doesn’t? Rihanna. Ms Fenty has never              minced words in letting the world know that her worst behaviour is for herself…and maybe          for sales but most definitely not for the kids, she doesn’t consider herself a role model. That      doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a following and has no influence so she can act however she              wants. She can act however she wants because she’s an individual just like everyone else                 and furthermore, a pop star. We all know Beyonce was Riri’s Idol, booty hoppin along with          her in her bedroom, watching B on TV, yes, just like the rest of us, and now, they’re                 essentially peers. I’m just going to chalk up B telling other female artistes to “bow down” as                Hip Hop Bravado…when we all know what it really is…Apparently there’s only room for 1                 black female singer and rapper on top, and B is basically returning for her crown, that she                 temporarily abdicated to sort out family issues (as she says so herself) there was so much           hype about Chimamanda’s sample, personally, as a fan, but I feel it doesn’t do her justice. This album features a lot of fairly well placed snippets, but this one…this one I’m not too          sure about. It’s being trumpeted as “a sample of a feminist speech”, thereby implying that                 Flawless is a feminist song, which it clearly isn’t…or are the bitches she refers to men?    Beyonce hits us again with the irony of a song about how she has it all (money, career, husband and child) while featuring a sample that speaks specifically to the double               standard…or rather marriage oriented standard that women are held to. The basic premise   of the first verse is that B feels that the other artistes have had a field day in her absence,              but she has returned…so she hopes they’ve enjoyed their time in the sun and all, however        it’s time to “bow down”. Am I right in assuming she didn’t really understand the essence of               Chimamanda’s speech (which will probably be the most enthralling 30mins of your life) In                 shouting about breaking the mould and the glass ceiling, all Beyonce seems to be really        doing is perpetuating the very same ideals that are contrary feminism. She sings about                  Perfection being a disease of a nation while being the embodiment of this “perfection” I am      the only rolling her eyes? A successful man is one who has excelled in his professional field,               everything else is extra…mere garnish but a successful woman has to have her looks as well                as her family in check before being bestowed with that honour. That is the crux of the    matter and all Flawless, and this entire album do is reiterate it.

                Not sure what the doomsday-anarchist themed video as to do with this song… and      frank has just 2 lines? Or is he humming in the background?

                A song about our dearly departed…

                Nice vocals, with a tinge of Bossanova J  Good way to end
Whatever happens, the mere secrecy surrounding the release of this album has cemented it in music history, and it has already broken several record sales records. It’s a solid Hip-Hop RnB effort and is a far improvement over “4”. Beyonce gets top marks for cunning and planning, and if the past 2 years was her “disappearing” (world tour, several videos and singles, an album) then we’re in trouble now that Blue is walking and talking! There are endless critiques of Beyonce as an artist, what she represents etc, but perhaps we should just enjoy this album for what it is…Popular Music

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mtv european music awards

So how did the most scadalous mtvemas of all time pass me by?

Redfoo...u a foo! Fire crotch? Penicillin?  Doggie style? Getting people wet? Jnr just become a man? Where were the censors? Oh..I know...monitoring mnm!

Nananana rrr tatatataaa

And speaking of Eminem. ..so that's it...he's back? We're back to those days huh? Ah well...guess mobo had a good run. Iggy azalea? What r u waiting for...jump on it eh. I don't understand why you didn't pull a lil mama on ems...or snoop!  Btw...are we back to dogg now?  Leave Ariana alone, Iggy she already scurred. How old is she anyway? 12? Cuteness has never been so....un ...cute

I don't care

Longest dress ever on Miley but then again...I guess its cold in space right?  And this might not be p.c. bur I gotta say...are all genetically vertically challenged individuals so posteriorly well endowed? That must have been the  most toned down of performances.  And shaddout to her waxer...definitely the most gifted artist of the night. Them high legs are an accident waiting to happen boo boo...that's why we wore them with leggings in the eighties baby.

I love it!

Ylvis dressed up to...not perform? How? Of all the places that catchy beautiful poignant nonsense would have been more than welcome. ... ah well

Big up nicole the pole! Don't mind riri ok...she was just hating. You woulda turnt that already turnt up video into something else.  You made me stop and pay attention to bruno mars' guitarr riffs and now...afromunchkin has my stamp of approval.  Good job!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunshine Salad Bar

Sunshine salad bar serves sandwiches and salads, as one would rightly assume, but this little known establishments a surprisingly varied menu.   In addition to the expected Indian cuisine such as chicken and beef curries with rice. They also serve more "continental" dishes such as fries and grilled chicken. 

Located on Embassy road next door to Firefly and opposite la piazza, sunshine features a open air garden terrace that reminiscent of a vintage villa complete with vines and dandelions. Perfect for a sunny day. The indoor dining features about 6 tables with a neat and simple set up. It's unassuming and refreshingly mature. An assortment of drinks and beverages ranging from our staple Coke, Fanta and Sprite to beers, tea and coffee.

Sunshine is one of the few places whose portions are something to write home about.  Tuna, chicken, ham, BLT, mushroom... their sandwiches come in a variety of combinations and are the best in town.  You'll never leave hungry...or angry for that matter. The service is good, and neither friendly nor rude. If you're looking for a quiet spot to simply enjoy your food and another's company, Sunshine is for you. From breakfast to brunch to lunch, their offerings blend seamlessly into the day.

There's a single wash-room with toilet and sink within the main building and next door is a shop from which you can pick up an assortment of healthy snacks and drinks to go.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


It seems Gelaterias really are a mark of Cosmopolitan living, because just a block away from Ci Gusta/Koala on 11th Lane, Embassy Road off Oxford Street is yet another one.

Pinnochios is opposite Firefly and Sunshine Salad Bar and next to Acrilex, in what is quickly becoming the trendiest street in the city. Christie Brown recently moved her shop to the adjacent plaza and Pinnochios shares a wall with what I believe is an Italian restaurant.(La Piazza) with upscale lounges and high end boutiques for neighbours, Pinnochios seems 
poised for success.

I first predicted the possibility of yet another 
ice cream shop entering the fray whilst dining at Sunshine Cafe. The landmark wall had been painted magenta and there was a cardboard sketch of what appeared to be an ice cream cone lying over it. All things said and done, I did not let Agatha Christie down and lo and behold,  no lie was told. This new comer has the largest floor space of all the gelaterias, with crisp, clean and well thought out décor  In full Technicolor to match their main attraction ( the ice cream of course) the establishment features a long counter with not 1 but 2 ice cream ..Scusi..gelato displays. The staff are not only friendly, but costumed and to your right you will find a quaint corner made up to resemble a bookshelf...who says you can't get serious work done whilst eating ice cream. Jokes on  you Coffee.

An ice cream parlour has a concave ice cream scooper that they use to serve from tubs of ice cream with smooth surface.
Gelateria uses a spatula and the gelato in the tub is under no circumstances smooth. the surface is ALWAYS undulating...the more peaks and valleys the better 

They serve a wide array of Italian style gelatos with creamy, fruity and a chocolate lovers dream of cocoa goodness, but in addition to this, they offer sweet and savory snacks ranging from crepes to pancakes, from wraps to sandwiches and believe you me, I spied a couple sharing a  bottle of Möet. With dining styles that range from classic ice cream parlour high stools to low tables, Pinnochios is not only versatile but trendy.

With a 5GHS price tag for a scoop and 10GHS for 2 , it's in keeping with the other gelaterias; more of a first date splurge than a casual-strolling-through-the-city-treat, and your craving/cure for depression might be better served with a similarly priced Magnum bar. 

For what its worth, the gelato is all that is puports to be; rich, creamy, delicious, and one hopes that it stays the same.

Friday, 15 November 2013


I really do need to make a special effort to review places not in Osu....Really..but not today, Traffic is yet another club/bar /lounge in Osu, on 6th lane, in a quiet part of Osu RE, close to Greenleaf hotel and Trust Specialist Hospital. 
Its claim to fame is being transportation themed and as their logo features a horse drawn carriage,  a landing strip welcomes you from the roof and the interior decor matches with motorcycle seats in place of bar stools, engine block tables and car seats complete with seat belts. The picture wouldn't have been complete without the mandatory benz crashing through the vip wall.

The drinks are moderately priced and some have "traffic themed names"

Monday, 19 August 2013

Ci Gusta

My Italian is for all intents and purposes non-existent (background aside) but Ci gusta bene means it tasted good…and boy, did it taste good! Everyone welcome the latest entrant to the list of guilty dairy pleasure providers in the city. Signor Arlecchino better watch out. International franchises seem to gradually making headway into the Ghanaian dining market what with KFC and now this gem of a temptation. The ci gusta brand ranges from savoury to sweet and even includes well know Italian favourites like pizza, but the quasi secret branch in question is located on the first floor of Koala and serves mostly the sweet variety.

Prepare to get hooked on the delicious frozen yoghurt with their array of not less than 12 toppings (fruits, nuts and chocolate) albeit a healthy alternative to ice cream but decadent nonetheless. Soft serve ice cream and well as light yoghurt are also available. Crisp Crepes, waffles, and ingenious 5 minute cakes all to be had with or without creamy topping.

An Italian eatery  won’t be complete without coffee and there are many tasty twits to the traditional cappuccino and espresso.

Must try- large frozen yoghurt with toppings layered: strawberries and kiwi, cashews and chocolate sauce balls J a balanced meal if there ever was

Brand spanking new and decked out in blue and white, the décor has amusingly been described as sterile; the first thing that hits you is how clean and well arranged everything is. About 7 or so tables allow you to sit, eat and daydream or even stare out of the window if you so please. The display is uncluttered and the utensils themselves seem to serve as well arranged decorations.  (Watch out for the U cups)

 In line with the ever escalating prices of tasty treats…these start from about 5 ghs but expect to spend in the double digits if you start getting carried away with toppings…and honestly, what’s the point without them?

No wash-room facilities here either, but I'm sure you can pop down and use Koala’s if need be. And please note, if you’re craving crepes and ice cream for breakfast, don’t bother showing up before 11 am and they close when the main store does, so there will be no late night dates to be had unfortunately.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chix n Ribs- American eatery

Conveniently located off Oxford Street, opposite Couture, underneath Exotic trends and down the road from Arllechinos, Chix n Ribs with its provocative name, is surprisingly laid back.  It comprises a very minimalist front desk cum order table cum work table that allows you to peer into the kitchen. The rest of the space is occupied by a bench and a few high chairs that allow you to munch off a narrow table that skirts along one wall, so technically, you can eat in at CnR, but it’s distinctly a take-out joint.

In keeping with the theme, CnR offers all time-hypertension inducing-America favourites such as ribs and wings slathered in your choice of sauces (of course) and all kinds of chicken, with fries, corn bread, mac‘n’cheese or mashed potatoes as sides. For those of you who really want that American experience or are truly nostalgic, they offer burgers styled as classic and exotic (think blue cheese), Philly cheese steak, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I was pleasantly surprised by their milkshakes (chocolate…bacon? and smoothies which are fairly priced. The standard alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are on offer, including a couple of cocktails (Margaritas and Daiquiris) but CnR must be the only establishment that serves Jello shots J
            The oreo shake is to die for…but that thick creamy goodness might just kill you first
The staff are quite friendly and one can easily join the CnR family…it’s very easy to become an Oreo shake addict so take heed. There are no restroom or hand-washing facilities, the later particularly being a no-no in my books.

The pricing is the most surprising thing however; save from the drinks, the main meals might make you reconsider this new found love. The hefty price tag puts it firmly in the non fast food category despite the all fried e’rythang motto.

In conclusion, it’s a quaint little spot that deserves exploration and is probably the most American of eateries in town.