Saturday, 16 November 2013


It seems Gelaterias really are a mark of Cosmopolitan living, because just a block away from Ci Gusta/Koala on 11th Lane, Embassy Road off Oxford Street is yet another one.

Pinnochios is opposite Firefly and Sunshine Salad Bar and next to Acrilex, in what is quickly becoming the trendiest street in the city. Christie Brown recently moved her shop to the adjacent plaza and Pinnochios shares a wall with what I believe is an Italian restaurant.(La Piazza) with upscale lounges and high end boutiques for neighbours, Pinnochios seems 
poised for success.

I first predicted the possibility of yet another 
ice cream shop entering the fray whilst dining at Sunshine Cafe. The landmark wall had been painted magenta and there was a cardboard sketch of what appeared to be an ice cream cone lying over it. All things said and done, I did not let Agatha Christie down and lo and behold,  no lie was told. This new comer has the largest floor space of all the gelaterias, with crisp, clean and well thought out décor  In full Technicolor to match their main attraction ( the ice cream of course) the establishment features a long counter with not 1 but 2 ice cream ..Scusi..gelato displays. The staff are not only friendly, but costumed and to your right you will find a quaint corner made up to resemble a bookshelf...who says you can't get serious work done whilst eating ice cream. Jokes on  you Coffee.

An ice cream parlour has a concave ice cream scooper that they use to serve from tubs of ice cream with smooth surface.
Gelateria uses a spatula and the gelato in the tub is under no circumstances smooth. the surface is ALWAYS undulating...the more peaks and valleys the better 

They serve a wide array of Italian style gelatos with creamy, fruity and a chocolate lovers dream of cocoa goodness, but in addition to this, they offer sweet and savory snacks ranging from crepes to pancakes, from wraps to sandwiches and believe you me, I spied a couple sharing a  bottle of Möet. With dining styles that range from classic ice cream parlour high stools to low tables, Pinnochios is not only versatile but trendy.

With a 5GHS price tag for a scoop and 10GHS for 2 , it's in keeping with the other gelaterias; more of a first date splurge than a casual-strolling-through-the-city-treat, and your craving/cure for depression might be better served with a similarly priced Magnum bar. 

For what its worth, the gelato is all that is puports to be; rich, creamy, delicious, and one hopes that it stays the same.