Saturday, 29 December 2012

Shaka Zulu

This is where the members of the Billionaire Boys club hang out…maybe in one of the 1000GHS VVIP indoor chalets…

Sorry just had to get that out of the way before diving into the review J The first time I drove past this joint I thought it was a cute name for a chop bar…afterall…it’s in Dzorwulu…how wrong I was…Shaka is the new Twist, even though the old Twist is still alive and kicking. 2nd spoiler…ladies, don’t expect to find any oiled up Mandingos here…that’s just false marketing…they do however have girls in raffia skirts and calabash bras (oh how I miss those days…) sashaying about. It might be a bit tricky finding your way in the first time especially since you need to make an exit off a highway, but that’s just the first time. You can either make a right into Dzorwulu and drive up the dirt road or slow down and look out for the entrance as soon as the neon sign hits you. The parking headache is a body works specialist’s dream.

There’s a lot of classic old school dark hard wood in the décor (no pun intended) with dark rich reads and flickering lanterns providing minimal illumination. It’s very dark and brooding and calls for sipping good bourbon from a snifter. If that’s not your thing, their cocktails hover around 15ghs and feature all your standard wines and spirits and shooters for 7ghs.  The floor plan features a long bar with semi plush booths against the walls and a barricaded VIP area.

Despite the ancient feel, it attracts quite a varied crowd and the DJ doesn’t act like he’s playing off a 64mb flash drive.

What else… nice multi stalled restrooms (befitting their projected patronage it seems) conveniently located behind the DJ and close to the VVIP for some ahem…productive hovering.

Chase El Paso

Yet another Osu venue, but who’s counting?

Located close to Danquah circle, on the first left turn between Koala and Adjoa Adjeiwaa building, on top of Don Emilio and Cave of Marina (side note, if you’re looking for any type of liquor, go the former). You can’t miss the huge sign boards with the colourful sombrero and sienna paint work with colonial detailing to match. The entrance is in the same courtyard as Global Mamas and few other shops, with about 10 parking spots, but there’s Koala right across the road and enough space around. The décor indoors ranges from “very Mexican” on the “bar side” with lots of hard wood and minimal ornamentation, while the “restaurant side” feels like the other side of the border with your basic modern bistro furniture, with chair and couch combinations. There are makeshift keg tables for more relaxed drinking and eating, with a bar that looks into the kitchen (always a good sign), the main drinks bar; with a good variety of drinks. The fine detailing follows into the restroom with premium tiling and design that’s functional.” 2 Rooms for las damas y los caballeros J and lots of tissue. Smoking is allowed…at least on the bar side.

The staff is very friendly, with at least 4 Mexicans, and their Margaritas are the best I’ve ever had! I dare you to try at least a Margarita shot and disagree. The menu is typically Mexican, with starters such as delectable tacos filled with beef or chicken, lettuce and cheeses; ranging from 12-30ghs, salads between 22-25ghs and good variety of pizzas ranging from 30 to 80ghs. Rice, refried beans and other sides go for between 3 and 8ghs, fajitas are 45ghs, grilled fish and steaks around 45-55ghs desserts such as fruit salad and cheese cake around 20ghs. Nachos, Calamari, Hamburgers Chalupas, Burritos the list goes on and on. There’s also the regular beverages if really want some tea or coffee

I’m not sure what kind of clientele profiling they have going on but the food is on a different level of spicyness. Talk about adapting to your environment

The drinks menu is still in the works but the cocktails range from 12 and beyond. A regular Margarita is 18 and a Cadillac Margarita is 20 odd GHS. The signature sugar-salt-pepper on the rim twist will leave you wondering for an hour. Mojito rating…top 10.
In closing, as the first truly Mexican restaurant, El Paso offers delicious meals in the middle to high price range and is very welcome as an alternative to the Ghanaian but foreign dining scene. Where most places offer either Italian or “continenetal” menus with an odd guacamole here and there, Chase El Paso takes you on a gustatory Hispanic trip, and if you wake up with plastic beads after 2 Margaritas…the establishment will not be held liable. You have been warned.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


There was so much hype about this movie it was ridiculous. And all this is coming in a time when all movies come out with ridiculous hype. I'm not a Bond on Craig as bond fan, so I honestly couldn't be bother, but when the opportunity arose I seized it.

Even the title was mysterious, and im not sure it completely puts my mind at rest that its just the name of JB's family Scotland...I honestly can't remember watching casino royale or quantum of solace but neither of these titles made much sense either. D anny has gotten softer with age and has, against all odds, managed to grow on me, I remember hearing about Naomie harris' casting...and that a while ago...better still, I remember Danny's casting and that was years ago...and no one liked him then, but those cheek bones are less like the dangerous precipice he would inevitably cling to, his abs (or lack thereof) less defined than the serpentine dirt road must careen on, his blond blue-eyedness...good Lord, he's the only blond blue-eyed charecter in this! I hereby state, I wouldn't mind being chatted up by this fellow.

Having spent a good part of this morning reading various articles about the movie it appears, all would be critics are somewhat in unison. Skyfall is different, modern and actually not that bad.

Shout outs all natural sistas, Naomie harris doing big tings, coming second to Halle berry is like coming first...twice. Also thumbs up for keeping ur clothes on. Everyone was rooting for their hook up, the tension was so thick in the crowd,it was voyeuristic. The dialogue was intensely sexy
Shout out to Javier're my favourite psycho bond villain..and you have every reason to be angry. How does a cyanide capsule fail? Does it really get worse than a failed suicide? But please tell me how you'll rig an election in And must all bond villians be deformed? Kmt
of all the people to hook up with...Sévérine? Really James?
And what kind of assassin...who's trying hard to be nameless, history less and countryless, uses signature bullets? Uranium? Really?
My favourite scene has to be when raoul and James finally meet...I was literally at the edge of my seat, shouting for him to stop touching him! "we could eat each other...dramatic pause'' too much. Just too much. And then the "wat makes you think it's my first time comeback? Classic! Epic! JAMES BOND. No size!Some people are actually upset by the homo-bisexual innuendo...they can bite Raoul.
I finally believe it. Jb, you are a hard guy. 2 full gas cylinders? *slow clap* if it's not a dapper must be a white towel...high five.
Ralph Fines as M? The next Q needs to be female...better yet Indian. Tell me I'm wrong.
So all the women in this are terrible shots? Smh. 4 named females. 5 speaking ones
Had the line about exploding pens not been would have been funny. And after all the austerity measures, not only did he lose the handgun with laptop technology, he never even fired it. Komodo dragons? How hungry were they? That was just random man.
Things to watch out for and appropriate responses
  1. Adeles opener 
  2. 'Room service' -mmm... 
  3. Eve moneypenny at the door- hmm 
  4. 'I didn't order anything...not even you' - eeeiii 
  5. 'M' 'bitch'- ooo 
  6. The Aston martin-sheee