About this blog

About this blog
Having started this blog almost 2 years ago before my first major exam in medical school, it took me a while getting a hang of this blogging thing. Like most people I have an opinion about most things and love to talk about it, and since I’m looking for a side hustle (being a newly recruited civil servant) blogging…writing seems like a low capital option J
So in addition to having discussions about who has the hottest music video out, how some new rapper is a no hit wonder (features only) or why there was a stampede at a movie premier, I’m going to blog about it as well.
I’ll be doing album reviews, movie reviews as well as local (Accra, Ghana) establishment reviews. Hopefully, not too many people will take offense and most of you will enjoy my unique take on things. Let me warn you, most reviews will have a touch of cynicism and a healthy dollop of sarcasm, and particularly for the establishment reviews, I hope I’ll be able to be objective enough to remain relevant. The rest of Ghana and the world at large beware, I’ll soon be spreading my critical eye and sharp…fingers? Your way.
Thank you to all my fans for your support! ;)

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