Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunshine Salad Bar

Sunshine salad bar serves sandwiches and salads, as one would rightly assume, but this little known establishments a surprisingly varied menu.   In addition to the expected Indian cuisine such as chicken and beef curries with rice. They also serve more "continental" dishes such as fries and grilled chicken. 

Located on Embassy road next door to Firefly and opposite la piazza, sunshine features a open air garden terrace that reminiscent of a vintage villa complete with vines and dandelions. Perfect for a sunny day. The indoor dining features about 6 tables with a neat and simple set up. It's unassuming and refreshingly mature. An assortment of drinks and beverages ranging from our staple Coke, Fanta and Sprite to beers, tea and coffee.

Sunshine is one of the few places whose portions are something to write home about.  Tuna, chicken, ham, BLT, mushroom... their sandwiches come in a variety of combinations and are the best in town.  You'll never leave hungry...or angry for that matter. The service is good, and neither friendly nor rude. If you're looking for a quiet spot to simply enjoy your food and another's company, Sunshine is for you. From breakfast to brunch to lunch, their offerings blend seamlessly into the day.

There's a single wash-room with toilet and sink within the main building and next door is a shop from which you can pick up an assortment of healthy snacks and drinks to go.

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