Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mtv european music awards

So how did the most scadalous mtvemas of all time pass me by?

Redfoo...u a foo! Fire crotch? Penicillin?  Doggie style? Getting people wet? Jnr just become a man? Where were the censors? Oh..I know...monitoring mnm!

Nananana rrr tatatataaa

And speaking of Eminem. that's it...he's back? We're back to those days huh? Ah well...guess mobo had a good run. Iggy azalea? What r u waiting for...jump on it eh. I don't understand why you didn't pull a lil mama on ems...or snoop!  Btw...are we back to dogg now?  Leave Ariana alone, Iggy she already scurred. How old is she anyway? 12? Cuteness has never been so....un ...cute

I don't care

Longest dress ever on Miley but then again...I guess its cold in space right?  And this might not be p.c. bur I gotta say...are all genetically vertically challenged individuals so posteriorly well endowed? That must have been the  most toned down of performances.  And shaddout to her waxer...definitely the most gifted artist of the night. Them high legs are an accident waiting to happen boo boo...that's why we wore them with leggings in the eighties baby.

I love it!

Ylvis dressed up to...not perform? How? Of all the places that catchy beautiful poignant nonsense would have been more than welcome. ... ah well

Big up nicole the pole! Don't mind riri ok...she was just hating. You woulda turnt that already turnt up video into something else.  You made me stop and pay attention to bruno mars' guitarr riffs and now...afromunchkin has my stamp of approval.  Good job!

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