Monday, 19 August 2013

Ci Gusta

My Italian is for all intents and purposes non-existent (background aside) but Ci gusta bene means it tasted good…and boy, did it taste good! Everyone welcome the latest entrant to the list of guilty dairy pleasure providers in the city. Signor Arlecchino better watch out. International franchises seem to gradually making headway into the Ghanaian dining market what with KFC and now this gem of a temptation. The ci gusta brand ranges from savoury to sweet and even includes well know Italian favourites like pizza, but the quasi secret branch in question is located on the first floor of Koala and serves mostly the sweet variety.

Prepare to get hooked on the delicious frozen yoghurt with their array of not less than 12 toppings (fruits, nuts and chocolate) albeit a healthy alternative to ice cream but decadent nonetheless. Soft serve ice cream and well as light yoghurt are also available. Crisp Crepes, waffles, and ingenious 5 minute cakes all to be had with or without creamy topping.

An Italian eatery  won’t be complete without coffee and there are many tasty twits to the traditional cappuccino and espresso.

Must try- large frozen yoghurt with toppings layered: strawberries and kiwi, cashews and chocolate sauce balls J a balanced meal if there ever was

Brand spanking new and decked out in blue and white, the d├ęcor has amusingly been described as sterile; the first thing that hits you is how clean and well arranged everything is. About 7 or so tables allow you to sit, eat and daydream or even stare out of the window if you so please. The display is uncluttered and the utensils themselves seem to serve as well arranged decorations.  (Watch out for the U cups)

 In line with the ever escalating prices of tasty treats…these start from about 5 ghs but expect to spend in the double digits if you start getting carried away with toppings…and honestly, what’s the point without them?

No wash-room facilities here either, but I'm sure you can pop down and use Koala’s if need be. And please note, if you’re craving crepes and ice cream for breakfast, don’t bother showing up before 11 am and they close when the main store does, so there will be no late night dates to be had unfortunately.

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