Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tresence- Cafe l Gelateria

Tresence enters the ring as a newbie with a lot going for them. First of all, location, location, location.  Situated on the 5th Floor of the newly opened Osu Mall, tresence is not just in the trendiest part of town, it’s in soon-to-be landmark building. Now, I won’t go into the pros and cons and predictions of the failure or success of having a mall on the busiest road in the city, but let’s just say, for now, it works. The building is at most, halfway done. The parking is nothing to write home about and truthfully, there’s really not much to see/do right now aside from Shoprite.

Back to the matter.

Tresence has carved out a niche for itself in the dessert world, simply because it offers customers the chance to serve themselves and pay by weight!  Who would have thought, self service would be a draw, but in this current world where we’re bombarded with pre packaged this and that, we’re coming right back to the beginnings of food culture where we interacted with our food component by component (if not ingredient by ingredient) and I dare say they’re the first to do so in Ghana.

Tresence will no doubt,  be famous for their Froyo (aka frozen yoghurt) with a variety of fruity flavours such as litchi raspberry and mango alongside chocolate and the regular tart variety, an array of fruit and sweet toppings and a few syrups.  In addition to this they serve almost every sweet/ savoury snack item you can think of From frappicinos to cappucino, plain old gelato to macchiato, cake, juice, milkshakes, slushies, smoothies, iced tea and espressos, you’ll spend 30 mins trying to decide on your order. In keeping with the mix and match theme, Tresence allows you to make a personalised toasted subs by choosing from a variety of breads, meats, cheese, vegetables, and dressings.

The d├ęcor is fresh and playful, with lots of colour and pop art, making it suitable for children, families, adults and couples on a date. The main indoor area is quite small but features comfortable fixed semi booth seating along the wall and mobile plastic tables and chairs. Tresence also has access to the terrace with high tables that allow you to watch traffic on Oxford Street while you sip or lick away J The staff are friendly and the prices seem reasonable.  0.185g of Froyo with a sprinkling of chopped snickers and caramel cost me 6.48 GHS. The milkshakes go for 9GHS and the subs cost a flat 18GHS.

Unfortunately, they don’t always have all their advertised flavours and you have to pay an extra 1GHS  for whipped cream on anything.  I’ve also had the misfortune of being served a far from toasted sandwich on stale bread. As far as taste goes, I wouldn’t describe their offerings as mind-blowing, so let’s just say you can never have too many gelaterias, and tresence gets top marks for novelty.

Tresence score extra points for having an informative and up and running website. Check them out here

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